Introducing Symmetrical NFT

5 min readOct 13, 2021

Symmetrical NFT is a limited collection of 10,000 modern & minimalistic, algorithmically generated art compositions created and forever living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Symmetrical NFT composition is unique and programmatically created from hundreds of possible traits, including color, shape, number of elements, unique colors per composition, and more.

An on-chain Symmetrical NFT prototype, pre-mint, circa Oct 2021.

All Symmetricals are beautiful, but some are rarer than others… and, some are very valuable, as the project also provides 50% — over 300 ETH — of all their revenues back to their community as giveaways.

Who knows? Maybe someday algorithmically generated art compositions will be featured in museums?

What Makes this NFT Project Different?

To start, the team at Symmetrical NFT have pledged to give 50% of all their revenues back to their community (NFT collectors/owners and the project’s Discord and Twitter followers and supporters).

In fact, the brand name “Symmetrical” was selected by the founders rooted in the core idea that both the project’s creators and community should share equally in the minting revenues and OpenSea’s aftermarket sales commissions.

That’s a lot of giveaways. In fact, Symmetrical NFT is giving away over 300 ETH (curious to learn more? Visit the Discord). The project’s gamified Giveaway Roadmap (pictured below) features 200 total Ethereum prizes (giving the community a 1 in 50 chance of winning between 0.5 and 20 ETH). Plus, Symmetrical is giving away several Blue-Chip NFTs from no less than Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Sneaky Vampire Syndicate:

Symmetrical NFT’s Gamified Giveaway Roadmap, with more details on Discord.

As minting of the 10,000 NFTs progresses, prizes are revealed, determined, and assigned as each NFT comes to life in the blockchain. Learn more about the gamified roll-out on the project’s Discord.

Post-Minting Roadmap: Beyond Giveaways

The Symmetrical team has a long-term view. Beyond 100% fulfillment of the Giveaway Roadmap and nurturing a strong community on Discord and Twitter, the project’s longer-term roadmap is substantial — including:

  • 30x30" physical canvas prints for any of the the first 250 people to mint a Symmetrical NFT — and anyone who mints 3+ Symmetricals
  • A DApp PFP background creator where Symmetrical owners can authenticate via Metamask, pick their favorite avatar NTF, select one of their their favorite Symmetricals, and download the merged result (please see the Mars Cats Voyage example below)
  • Via the same DApp, owners can access to their SVGs and super-high resolution versions of all of their Symmetricals, in addition to ordering canvas prints
  • A subsequent, follow-up Symmetrical “mutation” drop, exclusive to owners, where Symmetricals will mutate into derivative works of art leveraging AI and deep learning and/or animation
  • Automatic Pre-Sale whitelisting for owners, granting access to the second, upcoming Symmetrical NFT 2.0 drop (where we promise to blow people’s minds with what we will be giving away for that drop)
  • Ongoing benefit from the 50% of all Open Sea commissions/royalties going back to Symmetrical’s Community Fund
  • Merch drops, and deeply discounted physical canvas printing (on top of the free canvases mentioned above)
  • Charitable donations of at least 5 ETH (charity TBD soon by the community)
  • A significant “war chest” for funding ongoing promotions, collaborations, and partnerships which will be available in the Community Fund post-minting
A Mars Cats Voyage NFT “upgraded” with a Symmetrical NFT as the background

Go Behind the Scenes

Get the scoop directly from Loax.eth on the Symmetrical NFT team: Check out our interview with Von Schiller (@steven_schill) on Twitch streamed Oct 19, 2021 (

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What About the Art?

Symmetrical NFT’s art contrasts amongst the current flurry of illustrated PFP animals (don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love A LOT of the art out there today, in fact, this author is the proud owner of a MarsCatsVoyage, and it’s my PFP too!).

However, irrespective of current trends, Symmetrical’ s artwork is unique in today’s NFT space. It has a modern & minimalistic aesthetic, and its algorithmically generated art compositions are born and will forever live on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, each composition is generated as an SVG file and therefore scalable to high-resolution in any size.

Finally, the design and development teams have gone to great lengths to ensure an interesting distribution of rarity across the collection.

Maybe a Symmetrical NFT for your living room wall?
Symmetrical Prototype — November 2021

What Exclusive Perks do Owners Receive?

To get things started, Symmetrical NFT owners will benefit from:

  • Automatic entry into all ETH giveaways during the minting process (see above Giveaway Roadmap) and after minting concludes.
  • Automatic (and possibly exclusive) access to the Pre-Sale Whitelists for future Symmetrical NFT projects (yes, we are planning to do many more art-inspired projects!).
  • Full commercial use rights of each owned NFT and a custom link to download a high-resolution version of each unique artwork suitable for museum-quality framing.
  • Additionally, the first 250 people to mint a Symmetrical NFT — and anyone who mints 3 NFTs — will receive a free, physical canvas print of the Symmetrical NFT composition of their choice to hang on their favorite wall.
All Symmetrical owners are automatically entered into all ETH giveaways during the minting process.

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Symmetrical NFT’s pre-sale begins on November 7, with the public sale scheduled to conclude the following day on November 8, 2021.

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